Response and Resistance In Cancer Therapy

Despite substantial improvements in recent decades, the prognosis for those cancer patients who suffer from metastatic disease and depend on systemic drug therapy remains poor. Both intrinsic resistance and the formation of acquired drug resistance substantially affects the efficacy of cancer drugs. The advancement of precision medicine approaches holds promise for both the effective guidance of therapies to patients that will respond and the ability to monitor this tumour response. This will require the successful interpretation of ‘omics’ data and a close collaboration between pre-clinical researchers, clinicians, and computational biologists in both academia and industry to develop these strategies. This conference will bring together and showcase cancer researchers from these areas, who will present and discuss the latest advances in understanding the mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer, the identification of biomarkers of drug sensitivity/resistance and how they can be linked to precision medicine approaches.


Topics to include:

  • Molecular mechanisms of resistance
  • Genomics, systems biology and tumour evolution
  • Models of tumour resistance
  • Immuno-oncology and therapy

Location: University of Kent, Canterbury

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PING Conference 2024

At this year’s PING Conference, attendees will have the chance to learn from industry experts who will delve into the practical implications of AI in pharma. Covering insightful case studies, delegates will hear about both risks and opportunities leaving them better placed to face and prepare for what is coming.

There will be plenty of opportunities to network with other industry players. Following the afternoon sessions, enjoy outside drinks in the venue’s picturesque grounds, and then a relaxed evening with entertainment that promises to bring some magic to the day, and dinner.

Don’t miss your chance to engage with innovators and leaders in the pharmaceutical industry as they explore the theme of this year’s conference, AI in Pharma – Threat or Opportunity?

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GIANT Health

Join us as we attend GIANT Health 2024 at the Business Design Centre in London!

GINT Health is the leading, rapidly expanding UK community (of over 345,000 people) of NHS leaders, clinicians, and everyone who’s business is health, tech, and innovation.

The GIANT (Global Innovation and New Technology) Health Event is the UK’s leading, unmissable NHS innovation festival; with 6+ “shows within the festival”. Come meet, network, learn, and do business with 100s of world-class speakers, experience immersive innovation presentations, see the UK’s leading health-tech start-ups pitching to investors show, and more.

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SEHTA International MedTech Expo & Conference

Join us as we attend the 2024 SEHTA International MedTech Expo & Conference near Tower Bridge in London!

For the last 19 years, Science & Engineering Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA) has developed an excellent reputation for support of its 1,500+ members. Especially SMEs, through its business support, commercialisation, mentoring and events programmes.

The SEHTA conference and expo helps delegates:

  • Showcase: A range of highly innovative and adoptable technologies
  • Navigate: Make sense of the complexities of health and social care delivery, and the challenges of accessing the NHS.
  • Find: Funding opportunities with Investors & Accelerators from both private and public sources
  • Identify: Current clinical challenges in the NHS

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LSX World Congress

Join us as we attend LSX World Congress at the Business Design Centre in London!

The 10th LSX World Congress is the leading partnering, strategy and investment event in Europe. The event brings together the CEOs and senior decision makers from the world’s most innovative biopharma, medtech and healthtech companies with investors, senior BD&L teams, R&D leaders and industry KOLs. Together, they share best practice, forge partnerships and investments – all geared at putting capital and ideas to work to help create the world’s future medicines and improve patient outcomes.

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LSX World Congress

Join Discovery Park as we attend the LSX World Conference! We look forward to exhibiting at the event.

The conference will bring together CEOs and senior decision-makers from the world’s most innovative biopharma, medtech and healthtech companies with investors, senior BD&L teams, and R&D leaders.

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HealthTech Integrates

This event will discuss the major challenges impacting the HealthTech sector in this one-day gathering of technology, diagnostics, devices and therapeutics organisations, clinicians and regulators.

Our Chief Business Officer, Jane Kennedy, will be taking part in a Fireside Chat with Martin Carpenter, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, NHS Kent & Medway.

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Celebrating International Women’s Day and tackling inequality at Discovery Park

With female founded start-ups still struggling to access funding and a lack of women investors, there remains much to do to create an equitable environment for women in business. The femtech industry is a clear example of this gender bias, with male femtech founders consistently raising more capital despite over 70% of femtech companies being founded by women.


Less than a quarter of all UK female-led companies accessed external capital in 2022/2023. Building a supportive network and demonstrating the success of women in these industries is vital to overcome these challenges. To share stories of success, build connections, and discuss potential solutions to the obstacles that remain, Discovery Park will host a morning full of talks and panel discussions on International Women’s Day, Friday 8th March, featuring a line-up of innovative women at all stages of their careers. From breaking barriers to fostering innovation, the discussions will touch upon various aspects of business navigation and leadership. This is a free event and is open to all interested in driving positive change.


The event will be opened by Jane Kennedy, Chief Business Officer of Discovery Park, followed by two keynote speeches from Laura Bloomfield, Global Head of TELUS International, on ‘Leading the way: A CEO’s Inspirational Journey’, and Vineeta Tripathi, Founder of Vitarka Therapeutics, on the ‘Inspiring Journey of Female Founder’. It will also include a panel discussion on Leadership, Diversity, and Business Insights, and a fireside chat on the Challenges & Opportunities in Entrepreneurship with Julie Richards, Head of Assay Development, Psyros.


The day will feature the inaugural presentation of the Discovery Park Inspirational Women Awards, showcasing inspiring women as chosen by the Discovery Park community. To reserve your place and access the full agenda visit:


As well as disparities in business, the gender health gap is still hindering women’s access to healthcare. A combination of a lack of understanding of women’s physiology and a lack of clinical trial data is resulting in worse treatment outcomes. Alarmingly, the UK has the largest gender health gap in the G20.


This gap will not be closed without a concerted, collaborative effort. Making up 51% of our population, women offer a multitude of ideas and expertise to build a more equitable society. To champion this, Discovery Park is partnering with NHS Kent and Medway, Kent and Medway Medical School and Health Innovation Kent, Surrey and Sussex to host Kent & Medway Women’s Health Innovation Summit on 6th March. This event will bring together clinicians, patients, students, academics, innovators and system partners from across the Kent & Medway health community who are dedicated to revolutionising women’s health through innovation, leadership, inclusivity and systemic change. This event will be held in the Pears Building at the Kent and Medway Medical School from 12pm to 4:30pm. For more information please visit:


Discovery Park is committed to supporting women in business and innovative organisations transforming women’s health. Contact us for more information on business support and investment opportunities currently available.

SoCoBio DTP Annual Conference

As part of the annual Southcoast Bioscience Doctoral Training Partnership (SoCoBio DTP) conference, the University of Kent is hosting an industry-focused day to showcase industry-facing research driven by CASE students and provide an opportunity for the development of new connections and collaborations between industry and students.

If you would like to have a stall or sponsor the event, please contact Dr Rebecca Hall ( or Dr Jenny Tullet ( 

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BioIntegrates 2024

Join Discovery Park as we attend BioIntegrates 2024! The conference will address the needs of innovative companies developing the therapies of tomorrow, this one-day conference provides a unique forum to discuss the major challenges impacting the sector.

BioIntegrates is a unique opportunity to engage with top executives in biotech, CDMO, supply chain, and funding and investment.

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