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Welcome to Discovery Park, a thriving life science community for visionary entrepreneurs and leaders and the ideal environment for businesses to start, scale and succeed.

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Discovery Park is an amazing space for our business, offering 1st class office space with the ability to become an active part of the tenant community onsite. With fantastic open-plan air-conditioned office space and engaging support from the Discovery Park team, we have been able to continue to grow our onsite operations. The networking opportunities, social activities, and amenities have been invaluable to help engage, attract & retain staff. We’re truly grateful for being a part of this positive, thriving community!

Scott Miles , Partner

Discovery Park has supported Inhalytic in our business development, from start-up in a small laboratory space, scaling up to a larger lab. Providing introductions to growth and networking opportunities, and great on-site facilities. We’ve also joined a community of like-minded tenants who support and help each other. This has all contributed to our success, and we would highly recommend it to other start-ups.

Karen Chambers , Founder

The cutting-edge laboratories and office facilities at Discovery Park allow us to grow our unique biotech serving the pharmaceutical, biopesticide and cosmetic markets. The support network and other tenants produce a great community to share challenges and opportunities, including business support services from the many essential non-science companies on site.

Steve Trim , Founder

Discovery Park is a real hub of innovation. It allows collaboration between different groups of people and it allows those people who wouldn’t otherwise normally meet, to meet together and get that spark of innovation to be creative.

Ross Millard , Managing Director

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