Unilabs York Bioanalytical Solutions

Unilabs York Bioanalytical Solutions at Discovery Park, Sandwich is a specialist provider of bioanalytical, metabolism and in vitro ADME services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, supporting the development of small and large molecule therapeutics, from discovery through to post-marketing.

We undertake the quantitative LC-MS/MS analysis of drugs, metabolites and biomarkers in a range of matrices, including plasma, blood, dried blood spots, urine, bile, tissue homogenate and in vitro samples. We provide bioanalytical data and scientific guidance to support discovery studies including PK, PKPD and exploratory toxicology, delivering fit-for-purpose, high-sensitivity bioanalytical data with an average 3-4 working days cycle time.

We offer a full metabolite characterisation service from early discovery in vitro experiments to late development radiolabelled studies, providing both data and knowledge to clarify key biotransformation issues in order to impact chemical design, compound selection, drug development strategies and regulatory submissions.

We provide a range of in vitro ADME assays, from early discovery screens to definitive development studies. All assays are designed and validated to meet clients’ needs, including metabolic stability, binding studies, blood:plasma partitioning, chemical solution stability, reaction phenotyping, enzyme inhibition, reactive metabolites and physicochemical properties.

Our state-of-the-art instrumentation includes Thermo LTQ Orbitrap, Waters Q-ToF and AB Sciex API5000 mass spectrometers, Waters Acquity and Agilent 1290 high-resolution LC systems, Hamilton Microlab Star robots, Wallac Guardian and Wallac Microbeta counters and Lablogic ß-RAM radio-detectors.

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