eXroid Recieves Royal Recognition As One of the Country’s Top Innovative Businesses

Congratulations to Discovery Park-based eXroid Technology, one of the first recipients of The King’s Award for Innovation for its use of electrotherapy technology.

The company has developed a successful medical device and clinical service, with its equipment manufactured in the UK, and now has an eye on global expansion from its headquarters at the Sandwich-based science and business park.


This prestigious accolade has been awarded to eXroid for its work in developing a highly safe and effective, surgery free treatment for haemorrhoid sufferers, meaning they are no longer faced with a choice of treatment options that are known to be extremely painful and carry risks of complications, to become symptom free.

Commenting on winning the award, Michael Wilshaw, Managing Director of eXroid, said: “This accolade represents a milestone for the company as we reach for new heights and strive for better: for our patients, for our partners and for future sufferers.”


The company is one of 148 companies across the UK to be recognised for their contribution to international trade, innovation, sustainable development and promoting opportunity (through social mobility).

Mayer Schreiber, Chief Executive Officer of Discovery Park, said: “It is great to see eXroid get the Royal recognition that it rightly deserves, and I’m sure the award will help it take it to the new international markets.”

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