31 October, 2023

Business Horror Stories

Join us for an evening of hair-raising narratives as brave entrepreneurs gather to share their most bone-chilling challenges and terrifying encounters in the world of business. From ghastly marketing mishaps to nightmarish customer service encounters, you’ll hear firsthand accounts of the scariest moments that haunted their ventures.

Feel the suspense as founders recount their journeys through dark financial crises, eerie product launches, and the supernatural world of startup failures. But beware! These tales of terror also come with valuable lessons that will send shivers down your spine, ensuring you walk away with a hauntingly good dose of wisdom and inspiration.

Come and join us for an evening of camaraderie, frightful fun, and networking that will leave you with both goosebumps and a renewed entrepreneurial spirit. Embrace the frightful side of running a company and discover that sometimes, the most horrifying experiences lead to the most extraordinary successes!

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