Venomtech® is a new biotech company for a new era in venom research and drug discovery. Our unique selection of venoms and arrays facilitates modern drug discovery research for a wide range of targets and disease areas.

Incorporated in 2010 we lead the way in safe working with venomous animals which has enabled us to efficiently produce our Targeted Venom Discovery Arrays® (T-VDA®). The T-VDA®s are specifically matched against modern drug discovery targets such as ion channels and GPCRs as well as diverse disease areas including pain, infection, cancer and haematology.

As the only commercial venom laboratory in the UK we are also able to fully customise any venom product and also offer a full hit-to-lead discovery service. This hit-to-lead service utilises our decades of pharmaceutical expertise to enable customers to move form data points to characterised tools and drug-like molecules.

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