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Telehealth 360 is a life science company specialising in integrated solutions to provide better care to patients suffering from common often preventable diseases. The aim of Telehealth 360 is to help better management of common medical conditions via monitoring and intervention care. These services ultimately will promote a healthier world and better understanding of how to manage such conditions. Telehealth 360 devices help the NHS and other institutions via our technology to create a better, more stream proof system to care and monitoring between medical professional, patient and care community.

Cardiovest: This is an ECG monitor for people with chest problems, it is a non-invasive device which monitors early detection of Silent Atrial fibrillation.

Life Wristband: Patients wear this to monitor their vital signs and connects to diagnostic point to collect the data. It also comes with three different buttons to help the patient when they have a fall or such things like that, so they can contact who is needed, either medical professional or someone in their care community.

E-care platform: The E-care platform provides a space for medical professionals and patients to stay in communication without the need for appointment or clinical visit. This creates less strain on services like the NHS and creates a better way of providing care to senior citizens. This creates a more personified care.

This all contributes to a better and safer world for all people suffering from common medical conditions and patients in need of constant care.

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