Raw Gorilla

Our story started in Fraser our Founder’s own kitchen in Stoke Newington, London in 2015. Being both crazy about breakfast and raw food in general, Fraser wanted to add a twist to regular sugary and wheaty cereals, such as Coco Pops, Rice Crispies, and turn them into raw nutritional powerhouses.

We were inspired by Adi Da Samraj the spiritual realiser, and his book Green Gorilla. This book talks of the need not only to clean up the Earth but our bodies with the right diet.

This book blew our minds with its teachings on how to righten ones life, including moving to, or increasing the amount of raw plant based food in a diet. It also includes a look at our attitudes and approach to many things- giving us the inspiration and energy to take a fresh look at our diets and attempt to change our collective habits for the better. To read more about how we inspired by Adi Da Samraj go here.

We share many peoples concern about the current state of the Earth which like all of humankind, is sacred. Nature is powerful. Nature commands life on earth. Nature provides everything we need. So why would you mess with nature? Why would you mess with the food mother nature gave you? Why would you mess with your body by putting rubbish in?

Nothing processed. Nothing refined. Nothing but respect for our world.

Our recipes contain only delicious, unadulterated organic ingredients.

We want everyone to be healthy, we hope everyone will be more Gorilla.

We want to do our part in making the world better for future generations, so we like to look after the earth in as many ways as we can: organic farming, fair and sustainable trade.

Our packaging is totally recyclable or compostable, and made using vegetable dyes. Where possible, we operate a paper free office & use a search engine which supports reforestation

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