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Whether your new therapy is a small molecule, a biological, a delivery device or a sophisticated gene or cell therapy, LGC provide science-driven solutions that accelerate and enhance your development.

Bioanalysis:  Your precious samples are in safe hands.  With one of the world’s largest bioanalytical centres, recognised for leadership in science and technology, LGC has comprehensive capabilities for PK, immunogenicity and biomarkers that span LC-MS/MS through to immunoassay, cell and molecular biology.  We routinely solve difficult method development challenges and, as your development progresses from discovery through to GLP preclinical and to GCP clinical trials; we have the capacity, rapid turnaround and logistics needed to support the largest, most complex protocols.

CMC analytical: With cGMP labs in the UK, Germany and US and a track record of success in regulatory audits, including the FDA, we have particular specialty in materials science and pharmaceutical analysis. We support the regulatory Chemical Manufacturing and Control (CMC) compliance of your drug substance and drug product through the complex challenges faced in drug development, solving issues at all stages of manufacture.

Therapeutic nucleic acids (TNAs): Our team at LGC Axolabs team are internationally recognised experts in the growing field of oligonucleotide and nucleic acid therapeutics.  Underpinned by proprietary analytical and lipid delivery technologies we provide synthesis, discovery biology, medicinal chemistry, bioanalysis and CMC analysis support for all modalities; including siRNAs, ASOs, mRNA therapeutics and CRISPR/Cas.  Together with our cGMP manufacturing suite in California, we offer integrated, seamless support from discovery through to analytical and process development up to large-scale manufacture of investigational medicines for early clinical studies.

We enjoy building strong partnerships and relish being viewed as part of your core team.  Sharing your passion, curiosity and dedication to solve the most demanding analytical and synthetic challenges our expert scientists help deliver your development project on time and to the highest scientific and quality standards.

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