eXroid Technology

eXroid Technology

eXroid Technology Ltd has introduced a proven electrotherapy treatment to the UK which treats all four grades of haemorrhoids. The treatment is NICE approved, non-invasive and well tolerated by patients.  It requires no prep, and after a 10-30 minute treatment, patients can usually return immediately to their normal activities.  Complications are rare.  eXroid is the only manufacturer of the MedTech technology in the UK, which have full CE and ISO 13485 approval in the UK and Europe. eXroid have carried out thousands of electrotherapy treatments through eXroid clinics throughout Great Britain.

Haemorrhoids are estimated to affect about 8 million people in the UK.  There is a huge unmet need for treatment of this common disease, because of embarrassment and fear of painful treatments.  The eXroid treatment is cost competitive and proven to be effective.  eXroid will continue to grow its private patient business and also have plans to expand into the NHS, Europe and elsewhere, as opportunities allow.

To find out more, visit: exroid.com

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