Avvinity Therapeutics

Avvinity Therapeutics

Avvinity Therapeutics is an early stage UK biotech company focused on the development and application of its Alphamer™ immunotherapeutic technology platform for the treatment of cancers.

Our Alphamer technology harnesses a novel immune adaptation in primates whereby the immune system raises high levels of antibodies to certain ‘non-self’ sugars (alpha-gal and rhamnose) presented by bacteria in the gut.

These antibodies represent several types of antibody types (including IgG and IgM) and are polyclonal (contain a range of antibodies that bind to the sugars in a different places).

We can ‘call down’ these antibodies and hence their immune effects by presenting the ‘non-self’ sugars on the surface of target cancer cells using our Alphamer technology. The resulting innate and adaptive immune responses result not only in the killing of tumour cells, but also a broad immune surveillance against other tumour cells.

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