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AlgaeCytes is focused on developing and commercialising the next generation of bioactive ingredients in particular Omega 3 oils and proteins for the healthcare, nutraceutical and the healthcare markets.

AlgaeCytes has developed processes to produce algae products based on carefully selecting appropriate, proprietary algae strains and adapting them naturally for high lipid content and particularly for Omega 3 oil EPA.

AlgaeCytes process has the capability of utilising phosphate and nitrate nutrients as feedstocks which are commonly found in recovered process waters from the food and drinks companies. This in turn enables these companies to potentially meet EU and USA legislation for water quality discharge. The ability to utilise the nutrients in this way could convert this cost centre in most industries into a revenue generating centre.

The Company also has algal strains capable of producing high levels of carbohydrates particularly polysaccharides as gelling and/or bulking agents for the food market.

AlgaeCytes works closely with its customers and industrial partners to develop process components to accelerate the production of high value products from algae and gain marketing access within key market sectors.

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