Pharmaceutical R&D Laboratories

Highly serviced, flexible laboratories for all aspects of Pharmaceutical R&D operations, set within a well-connected innovation hub.

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Situated in the heart of Discovery Park, one of the UK's leading science, technology and innovation parks, our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical research and development facility with a purpose built Hydrogenation suite, provides all the space and infrastructure needed for success.

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Modern, energy-efficient lab spaces designed for innovation and collaboration, within a leading, well-connected science and technology hub, just over 1 hour from London.


Spanning 60,000 sq ft, our laboratories offer modern, energy-efficient spaces configurable in flexible 2,000 – 5,000 sq ft blocks. The space is designed to adapt to the evolving needs of cutting-edge pharmaceutical R&D and offers a mix of standard bench and walk in fume cupboards, high throughput experimentation facilities, an X-ray diffraction simulator, as well as a purpose built Hydrogenation suite.

Working alongside a thriving scientific community, these labs also provide unique opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

Key benefits

Equipped with a Freeslate Junior system, Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC), quadruple chamber glove box, and solid handling systems for efficient experimentation.

Featuring 15 fume cupboards, including large walk-ins, tailored for process equipment, ensuring a robust development environment.

With 24 fume cupboards, including 10 large walk-ins, and a Mass Spectroscopy Laboratory supported by local CO2 supply, safety and precision are prioritised.

Providing 18 fume cupboards, 5 large walk-ins, and facilities for vibrationally sensitive instrumentation, fostering advancements in material research.

4 chemistry labs suitable for x-ray diffraction simulation, including fume and balance cupboards. The labs also include an area for ultra performance liquid chromatography.

The ground floor of the facility includes a purpose built specialised Hydrogenation suite with 20 bar(g) H2. Equipped with advanced technology and safety features to handle the hydrogenation process.

Lab capabilities

Our range of cutting-edge lab facilities are designed to catalyse innovation and elevate pharmaceutical R&D endeavors.

The first-floor south laboratories house high-throughput experimentation setups, drug product development units, and safety-focused spaces. The ground floor south is dedicated to analytical labs, material assessment, and material sciences. The first-floor center hosts a large-scale laboratory with walk-in fume cupboards and a Jacomex Glove box, while the ground floor center boasts purpose-built hydrogenation suites and additional lab spaces for comprehensive research initiatives.

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