Clinical API and Clinical Trial Manufacturing

Self-contained, state-of-the-art Clinical API Manufacturing Pilot Plant Facility with offices and dedicated solid and liquid storage areas.

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If you're looking to scale your clinical API manufacturing or clinical trial manufacturing, this highly flexible cGXP, multi-product, multi-module facility presents a unique opportunity.

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Nestled in Discovery Park, a leading science and technology hub with extensive space and connectivity and one of the UK’s prime Life Sciences Opportunity Zones, this facility provides a robust and comprehensive solution for clinical API and clinical trial manufacturing, adhering to the highest industry standards.


The four-story building, spanning 5,626m2 provides flexibility for concurrent processes as well as a number of cutting-edge features.

Features include identical processing modules with containment technology, a dedicated containment module, 24 reactors, segregated storage areas, hydrogenation, and cryogenic capabilities.

With modern offices, fully equipped integrated laboratories, and access to a host of highly-skilled talent, this facility stands as a pioneering solution for clinical API manufacturing and clinical trial manufacturing.

Four processing modules with OEB4-level containment technology

Dedicated containment module with Process/HVAC scrubbers

24 reactors with a total capacity of 30m3

Access to a team highly experienced in clinical API manufacture

Hydrogenation and cryogenic capabilities

Segregated storage for solids, drummed liquids, and bulk solvents

Integrated engineering workshop and IPC laboratory

Modern open offices for up to 70 people

Key process equipment and support systems

The facility comes equipped with a diverse range of key process equipment, including Hastelloy reactors, loop reactor hydrogenators, GLCS reactors, cryogenic reactors, and various filtration and drying systems. The automation and support systems feature DeltaV process control, trend building management, OSI Pi data historian, and PAT equipment.

With a layered cyber-secure IT/OT infrastructure, the facility ensures reliability through dedicated supplies like bulk N2, plant air, chilled water, and thermal fluid heat/cool packages. Additionally, the infrastructure includes essential utilities such as a validated Water for Injection system, vacuum pumps, and waste collection tanks.

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