Kim Giliam, Genea Biomedx

“Discovery Park ticks all of the boxes. It’s close to all forms of transport to continental Europe as well as direct flights to North America and Asia, there are state of the art facilities and valuable support from the local government.”

Lee Perriam, Pure Contribution

“Moving to Discovery Park is probably the best thing we’ve ever done.”

Steve Schmidt, Quivium

“Bringing our sensors to the UK presents a huge opportunity for us and we’re delighted to make Sandwich our UK home.

“Like other manufacturing, science and tech industries, we feel we are ideally placed here to maximise our potential in the UK and Europe.

Discovery Park provided the right mix of infrastructure, resources, and collaborative opportunities, making it the obvious choice.”

Simon Pettit, Pettit Recruitment Solutions

“Without Discovery Park’s flexible support to start-up companies, the Pettit Group of companies and, in particular, Pettit Recruitment Solutions would still be a work from home company”

“The flexibility, speed and ease of moving into Discovery Park, along with the prospective clients within the building made it an easy decision.”

Dr Simon Harvey, Canterbury Christ Church University

“The lab allows us to work directly with industry and support their research and development needs.

“Our staff and students were already working directly with companies at Discovery Park on research that addresses their specific challenges.”

David Waite, Mylan Pharma UK

“We have been tenants on Discovery Park since its inception. It’s been great to see the park grow so quickly and be so supportive of the Mylan success story in Sandwich.”

Billy Edwards, BSPG Laboratories

“When it came to finding the right location for our business, Discovery Park more than met our requirements with a fantastic working environment and facilities that are world-class.”

Mark Brooks, Miles and Barr

“At Discovery Park we have found a great location for our businesses that has exceeded our expectations. We are property experts and knew that this is the kind of place where great things happen and that’s certainly been true for us.”

Scott Miles, Kreston Reeves

“The Discovery Park office brings together a wide range of skills and expertise and includes specialists working with large international businesses to start ups in all areas of business and commerce, as well as those who can provide personal clients with a tailored service entirely suited to their individual needs”

“The Kreston Reeves office has flourished by helping and working alongside the new business community and life science hub located in Discovery Park.”

Russ Timpson, Horizonscan

“The great thing about being based here at Discovery Park is that potential customers can literally pop their head around the door and asked if we can help.

“It has proved a proved a great environment to be part of. With a lot of our clients we have grown with them and that has been a great factor in our success, helping us to build our reputation as global specialists in what we do.”

Nick Stone, Hornby

“Our current offices were no longer fit for purpose and we considered Discovery Park to have the best office facilities available. The site offers room for us to grow, an innovative environment to do business and a positive ethos, gained from being based amongst other businesses there.

“In theory, we could have relocated anywhere, however we were intent upon staying in East Kent for a number of reasons, not least because of the many loyal and experienced employees we have here, but also due to the area’s regeneration and transport links.”

Dr Lynn Purkis, Ziarco Pharma

“We have been impressed by the development of the park since 2012 and the number of successful businesses that have joined the site.

“Discovery Park offers us room to grow and a lot of our neighbouring companies have skills and facilities we can work with to further establish the business.”

Dr Steve Trim, Venomtech

“The facilities at Discovery Park really attracted us to move Venomtech here; we’ve progressed from a teaching laboratory to an up-scale pharmaceuticals laboratory.”

Mandy Bearne, Locate in Kent

“As well as the high quality offices, laboratories and site infrastructure, the site leasing team encourage and promote the excellent opportunities Discovery Park offers to network and collaborate with each other, and which our clients really appreciate.”

Mike Westby, Agalimmune

“What we saw at Discovery Park was not only people trained to work in this space who we could access, but also a lot of adjacent companies who had the skills and facilities we could work with in order to establish the business.

Phillip Price, Dehns

“We were impressed by the high level of innovation taking place at Discovery Park, as well as the strong professional networking groups serving Kent, such as BioGateway.”

Jen Howell, Howell & Hicks

“Being onsite opens up opportunities to work for, and collaborate with, successful businesses of all shapes and sizes. Everyone seems genuinely keen to support each other and collaborate on projects, and the business and social events organised by the Discovery Park team and other tenants, are a real added bonus. “

James Mannings, Director, Top Villas

“We are very proud to call Discovery Park home to our Top Villas headquarters. It’s a fun, creative and motivating working environment with all the space and facilities we need to keep expanding our business. We love the friendly atmosphere here and have built great relationships with other businesses thanks to the park’s regular networking events.”

Sarah Wallace, Legal Director, Clinco

“Not only are the site and buildings extremely well run, but we have found the Discovery Park team very helpful with all sorts of issues – IT, facilities, security, to name but a few. It’s been great to be able to rely on their goodwill and efficiency.”

Julie O’Connor, Communications Manager, Pillory Barn

“Our Sandwich office has been fundamental in expanding our business. We are always making new connections here, which has led to some really interesting new clients. It’s a dynamic and ambitious work environment, but has a really friendly community feel to it too.”

Ryan Grist, Angle Studios

“Since moving into office space at Discovery Park, Angle Studios has been presented with so many networking opportunities. We love the friendly and welcoming atmosphere here.”

Michael Cannon, Cannon Chauffeurs

“Since moving Cannons Chauffeur Services to Discovery Park we have managed and expanded our business though locally and on an international level.”

Michael Crane, Crane Business Solutions

“We moved onto the Discovery Park in January 2015 and straight away within days we realised what a great place to work and do business. There is a real sense of collaboration where everyone is looking out for each other in business.”

Dave Tappy, Big Red Branding

“When the opportunity for our business to expand came about two years ago, we chose Discovery Park. We knew that we would benefit from the proximity to other businesses. Since then, we have built working relationships with most companies at Discovery Park, helping with many aspects of their branding requirements!”

Bob Laslett, Margate Football Club Community Trust

“Setting up our first office at Discovery Park gives us a professional space to carry out our work and meet with potential charity supporters.”

Maria Mahan, Q

“I have found the staff to be professional and extremely helpful at all times. In my short time there, it has been a launch pad for my existing business which continues to grow.”

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