14 Jun 2018

Where does our food come from? Discovery Park supports open farm event

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s easy to forget where food comes when bagging up the shopping at your nearest supermarket or – more likely these days – unloading crates left on the doorstep by a driver delivering that weekly online order.

Discovery Park backed efforts to put that right on Sunday, 10 June when it linked up with Kentish farmers Chandler and Dunn – purveyors of high quality meat, fruit and arable produce for over 200 years – for a day of farming fun

The LEAF Open Farm Sunday – LEAF Stands for Linking Environment and Farming – is a national event launched in 2006 with over 1,600 farmers across the UK opening their gates and welcoming an estimated two million people onto their farm for one Sunday each year.

Understanding the food journey

Visitors to the event at Chandler & Dunn at Goldstone Farm, Ash not only enjoyed tractor rides and children’s activities, delicious local produce and displays but would have left with a much better understanding of where their food really comes from.

Kimberley Anderson, CSR and Community Manager, Discovery Park, said:

“This was such a wonderful event to be involved with. It was not only great fun, but informative and educational too – two great passions of ours at Discovery Park.

“It was lovely to see such a great turnout, helped enormously by the glorious weather with many people getting their first taste of life on the farm. I hope they left as enthused as I by the amazing work our farmers do to keep food on our table.”

Hannah Chandler, Development Liaison Manager for Chandler and Dunn, said: “We were delighted to have Discovery Park as a sponsor of our open farm event.

It is so important for people of all ages to understand more about the food they are eating and it was wonderful to welcome so many people through the gate.

“These events are a fantastic opportunity for everyone to discover at first hand what it means to be a farmer and the fabulous work they do producing our food, enhancing the countryside and all the goods and services farmers provide.”

Discovery Park and Chandler & Dunn will continue to work together in the future, starting with East Kent Science Jamboree, which took took place at Discovery Park on 13th-14th June 2018.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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