Venomtech 28 June, 2017

Venomtech’s products are designed to help solve a significant and very common challenge in drug discovery, finding good new drug candidates using conventional chemical libraries.

The company, established in 2010, has offered its clients a solution by extracting venom from some of the deadliest species of spiders, snakes and scorpions on the planet.

The components of venom go on to be used in drug discovery and development, including pain relief drugs.

The company’s breadth of products and portfolio is unrivalled in the industry and uniquely designed to accelerate biological drug discovery. Some of the company’s existing customers have already found completely novel potential drugs after failing to succeed with their internal chemical libraries.

They continue to grow their international customer base, selling snake venom to biotechs in Northern India and spider venom to researchers in Australia as well as many orders to USA and continental Europe.

The operation, moved to Discovery Park in 2014, from a facility in the Kent Enterprise Hub, Canterbury, has seen business go from strength-to-strength.

In 2017 Venomtech launched their first cosmetic product (SensAmone P5) with their Swiss partners Mibelle Biochemistry. This is the first venom based peptide for sensitive skin and the human trial data is superior to other sensitive skin products currently known.

2017 has also seen the company launch into the crop protection market with novel venom products for discovery of ecological bio insecticides and fungicides.

Steven Trim, Venomtech’s founder and Managing Director, previously worked on the site for global pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

He said: “The facilities at Discovery Park really attracted us to move Venomtech here; we’ve progressed from a teaching laboratory to an up-scale pharmaceuticals laboratory. Our company’s potential and possibilities are ideally situated to be realised here and it’s a more professional environment to show our customers.”

Venomtech is also benefiting from its proximity to other companies based on site, working on research with Canterbury Christ Church University and A4PBio. Scott Vincent, Logistics Director of clinical analysis and logistics firm, A4PBio, said:

“I think, like most people, when faced with a box full of some of the world’s most toxic venom, my instinct is to step back! Presenting this for transportation can certainly pose a number of challenges, but it has been excellent working closely with the Venomtech team and seeing their growth.

“Venomtech is a truly innovative business for East Kent and a fascinating product being developed right here at Discovery Park.”

Find out more about the company at www.venomtech.co.uk.

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