20 Jun 2018

Discovery Park host delegation from Japan’s Takeda Shonan iPark

Discovery Park, one of the UK’s leading science parks welcomed a delegation from Shonan iPark to the site as part of a fact finding visit to the UK.

The delegation were in the UK to listen, learn and engage with a mini tour of a number of UK  science parks exploring ways to share best practice and business insight as well as educational and cultural exchanges.

The Shonan iPark, officially launched in April this year, occupies a unique position as Japan’s first and foremost Innovation Hub which is focused on a multi-tenancy occupancy business model, similar to Discovery Park.

Graham Howieson, Head of Business Development, Discovery Park, said:

“We were delighted and extremely humbled to receive the delegation from Takeda Shonan iPark to our facility in Sandwich, Kent. The trip gave us the  opportunity to share our core values which are designed to support and nurture young, ambitious talent to realise their ambitions on site.”

“The iPark team were very open and receptive to our views. This approach helped to build a shared mutual respect from both parties. As a result our conversation proved to be extremely valuable in terms of the experience which we gained.”

“Furthermore the philosophy of Takeda Shonan iPark is to link science professionals and the wider community together, to engage, as one. The concept is to create a joyful, enjoyable yet highly creative environment to build, create successful  business enterprise. Here at Discovery Park we also fully support this approach.”

Dr Toshio Fujimoto, General Manager of Shonan iPark, said:

“We are delighted by the wonderful welcome and warm response which the Shonan iPark team has received from the Discovery Park senior management team.”

“We hope that this trip will be the catalyst for a longer lasting relationship, whichever form that may take. We remain excited about what the future may hold and are looking forward to moving the next phase of our business development plans to the next stage.”

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