25 Jul 2022

Singular Talent – Evolution at work: time for Darwin’s medicine?

There’s change in the air. We’re predicting that your work and workplace will see momentous changes to meet what people expect from their employer.


Employees are looking for not only flexibility at work but a need for more autonomy. How this will affect leadership and longstanding working practices in management raises some interesting questions … it’s poised to change daily life at work for you, your team, and your manager…

And there’s yet more signs of evolution in the biotech sector.

It’s around a need for biotech employers to evolve their role in three ways:

  • Social connectedness hub
  • Learning & development hub
  • Engage their people on (and deliver) a ‘bigger picture’ mission

Our research survey on ‘Attitudes and approaches to work in biotech post-covid’ deep dives into what lies ahead in the years ahead.

That’s why we’d like your views.

To thank you for taking the survey we’ll donate £500 to In2scienceUK – they help young, disadvantaged people into STEM careers.

To avoid access issues with the survey please add SurveyMonkey to your allow list


The survey report will be anonymous

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