17 Jan 2022

Justine’s Running Journey

Justine Flett, Administration and HR Coordinator at BSPG Laboratories, has kindly agreed to share her inspirational running journey with us in the hope of inspiring others to see what they can achieve. See below to read Justine’s story.


‘Following my partner’s minor health scare in late 2015 I decided to support him in getting fit. We both started the Couch to 5k programme, this was hard but I found I was able to progress and achieved my first 5k without stopping in March 2016 and people who knew me then often remind me of my regular comment back then of “I don’t even like Running”. I lost weight and was feeling the fitness improving.’


‘October 2016 I entered my first half marathon, I was really starting to enjoy pushing myself and seeing how far I could go. The next obvious step was a marathon, but I knew I would have to train hard to get to the 26.2 mile (42k) distance, the training started in November 2016 and I completed my first marathon on 14th February 2017 just over 1 year after my first 5k. That was when the madness started, I saw runners wearing 100 Marathon Club tops and was in awe that was even possible, but I wanted to see if I could do it.’



Things escalated quite quickly and I actually ran my 100th Marathon on the 08 March 2020 just 3 years after my first, the 100 Marathon Club is a very exclusive club to join as more people globally have climbed Everest than run 100 marathons. As I write I have run over 200 Marathons and 93 Ultra Marathons. (An ultra being anything over 27 miles generally started at 31.1 miles). I have an obsession with how far can my body can take me and what else can I achieve in running.’


‘I have run a minimum of 100 marathons in 100 weeks as well as 3, 100 milers and 12 50ks in 12 days twice. Longer distance is where I am now aiming for 2022 and am aiming to complete the “Canal Slam” this summer which Consists of two 145 milers on the Grand Union Canal and the Kennet and Avon Canal and then a 132 miler on the Leeds to Liverpool canal each 5 weeks apart. This leads up to a pinnacle when I will attempt a world record in 2023 to be the fastest known lady to complete the South West Costal Path in the UK (638 miles)! I’m lucky to share this passion with my partner Rob who will be supporting me throughout the attempt’



‘Running has given me so many experiences and transferable skills, but most of all it has given me the opportunity to spend time with so many positive, uplifting and inspiring individuals who have changed my life for the better.’


Justine has her own running page called ‘Crazy Lion Running‘. You can view her page and follow her journey here.


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