Operations Co-ordinator 3 March, 2020

Role: Operations Co-ordinator
Location: Discovery Park, Sandwich, Kent, CT13 9FE, UK
Reports to: Managing Director
Direct Reports: None
Hours: 08:30-17:00 (full-time)

About the role

This pivotal position is responsible for handling Logical Biological’s day-to-day operations, receiving and shipping out specialist biological products, and maintaining laboratory facilities. The role will also prepare paperwork for outgoing shipments (Packing Slips and Certificates of Analysis). Operating under a Quality Management System, records must be kept meticulously and accuracy is essential. There will be a need to update Standard Operating Procedures and devise new ones.

As a new and rapidly-growing business, adaptability and a mindset of pitching in to do whatever needs to be done are both essential. There is the expectation that operational projects will regularly crop-up, for example Logical Biological aims to become ISO9001 certified in 2020.  Therefore, the ideal candidate will have experience of managing and implementing projects.

Some of the products handled are of a biohazardous nature. Experience of working in a biology laboratory would be ideal.

Qualifications and Training

  • Biology degree or equivalent experience would be advantageous

Knowledge and Experience

  • Experience of working in a laboratory would be advantageous
  • Experience of working with Standard Operating Procedures and/or within a Quality Management System would be advantageous
  • Experience of managing projects would be advantageous

Key Skills/Behaviours

  • Strong Microsoft Excel skills
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Go the extra mile to meet customer and internal deadlines
  • Adaptible, flexible, open to change
  • Problem solver
  • Strong need to satisfy the customer

How to Apply

Please send a CV and covering letter to info@logicalbiological.com stating salary expectation

About Logical Biological:
Logical Biological provides biological products empowering the disease diagnosis industry to develop high performance in vitro diagnostic (IVD) assays. The products we offer are human patient material (serum and plasma), antibodies and antigens, all of which are essential components used in IVD tests, their development, calibration and quality control. Logical Biological offers reagents covering all major disease areas and can access human material, ethically, from patients with a wide variety of medical conditions. Disease areas covered include allergy, auto-immune, cancer, cardiology, diabetes, infectious diseases, liver disease, pregnancy and sepsis. Academic researchers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies also come to Logical Biological for the best quality products. We strive to understand exactly what our customers need and be 100% reliable in delivering it.

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