07 Jun 2022

Jane Deadman’s 15 Years at Discovery Park

15 Years and Counting…

Whilst having lunch at the Innovation House Deli with friends, we discussed the DP journey. I realised that I have been associated with the park for nearly 15 years, since it’s days as Pfizer UK, when my colleagues and I supplied contract staff to them.

In that time, there have been many changes, from the days of 2011 to the vibrant and innovative site that we experience today. Since its inception, Discovery Park has offered a space for all businesses great and small, to collaborate and communicate in an effective and positive manner and I feel that this is intrinsic to its success.

So, when I got the opportunity to set up an onsite recruitment agency, I jumped at the chance and Westin Par Recruitment Experts moved to Discovery Park on 4th April 2022. We’re a multi-sector agency providing permanent solutions and have collective recruitment experience of 60+ years.

Westin Par’s mission is to offer our clients, and those looking for work, an honest, reliable and effective service. We aim to be the first point of call for our clientele and job seekers because they trust our advice and feedback and know that we can deliver in a timely fashion. Integrity, Reliability and Respect are our core values.

It’s fantastic to continue to work and collaborate with some established organisations, as well as to discover such a wealth of diverse and dynamic new businesses – all flourishing on my doorstep.

Contact me to discuss your recruitment or job search needs on 01304 200329 or email jane@westinpar.com

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