Genea Biomedx 28 June, 2017

Australian fertility group Genea Biomedx looked far and wide before selecting Discovery Park as its European headquarters.

The leading IVF technologies company wanted the right location for its bio-manufacturing plant, distribution hub and regional offices for its staff, and considered other science business clusters in Oxford and Cambridge.

But the company was impressed with the sites location and other benefits including access to a range of expertise on site – from lawyers, brand specialists and recruitment consultants to a pool of skilled scientists at their disposal.

Since moving onto site in June 2014 the company has moved to quickly establish its products in key markets across Europe, with a distribution deal with German pharmaceutical giant, transforming its worldwide profile.

Discovery Park is the company’s main European manufacturing hub for two main products – Gavi and Geri – with the potential to attract producers of similar technologies in the areas of biotech, diagnostics and stem cells.

Europe is a key market for Genea Biomedx with 90 per cent of the world’s IVF clinics in the northern hemisphere and 40 per cent in Europe.

Kim Gilliam, Commercial Director for Genea Biomedx, said:

“We were inspired by joining the scientific hub of excellence that Discovery Park has fast become,”

“Discovery Park ticks all of the boxes. It’s close to all forms of transport to continental Europe and the rest of the world, there are state of the art facilities and valuable support from the local government.”

“It makes sense for us to be here, making the vital solutions that nurture eggs, sperm and embryos during the IVF process locally and answering the needs of IVF clinics across Europe.”

To find out more about Genea Biomedx, visit: www.geneabiomedx.com

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