Sell-out ‘Two’s Company’ conference hosted by Discovery Park and sponsored by Pfizer UK, University of Kent, Kent, Surrey and Sussex AHSN

Venue: Discovery Park


On Wednesday 12th February, Discovery Park, Sandwich, hosted a sell-out conference examining revolutionary advances provided by digital twins. Thank you to all of you who attended, and for engaging with us in a variety of topics related to digital twins.

Do you want to immerse yourself in a blood vessel, build the perfect factory before you put a spade in the ground or send a version of yourself to deliver a speech in a foreign language on the other side of the world? Or how about testing a car 300 million times before it hits the road, planning surgery or talking to remote patients via a hologram? These ground-breaking approaches are all being delivered via digital twin technology. They were some of the topics discussed recently at the sell-out conference, ‘Two’s Company – The What, Whys and Hows of Digital Twins in Industry Today and Tomorrow’,  at Discovery Park,

Ben Park, Sopra Steria UK, gave fascinating insights into Using Holographic Technology in Healthcare

A digital twin is a dynamic, responsive and networked computerised version of a physical asset and/or process, which can be used in the development, design, test, maintenance and delivery of products and processes. As speakers from Pfizer UK, the Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) AHSN, the University of Kent, Siemens, Innovate UK, Microsoft, Sopra Steria UK and HoloCare told the conference, digital twins are already having a significant impact across industries and services. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and the South East Local Enterprise Partnership discussed development of the digital skills needed to work and interact with digtal twins, while NHS England covered the ethical implications of digital healthcare.

Andrew Hodgson, Siemens, shared examples of the opportunities of having an integrated digital environment.

Mayer Schreiber, CEO of Discovery Park, said,

“It has been fascinating to learn about the better information on products and processes that digital twins provide – the kind of information that will be driving the businesses of many of our tenants in the future. Digital skills are an important complement to STEM education in the development of the workforce of the future, and we are pleased to see that there is support for their development. Thank you to all the presenters, exhibitors and delegates for their contributions to such an exciting event.”

Brian Henry, Vice President of Drug Product Design in Pfizer’s Medicinal Sciences group said

“Pfizer is proud to have partnered on this forward-thinking event demonstrating the exciting possibilities of digital twin technology and its impact across a broad spectrum of industry, academic and healthcare sectors. Technologies like this have the potential to revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry and we are excited to be implementing these as we develop new, predictive approaches to accelerate the development of breakthrough medicines”.

You can also download the presentations given at the conference below;

Microsoft – Microsoft in Healthcare
Siemens – From Maserati to Malt Whiskey
Sopra Steria – Holocare

Workshop session;
Huawei – Touching An Intelligent World

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