22 Sep 2022

PharmaTech Integrates

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In partnership with Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre

Inspired by the success of the inaugural online PharmaTech Integrates in September 2021, Life Science Integrates is delighted to announce the first in-person PharmaTech Integrates conference, taking place at the Technology Innovation Centre in Glasgow on 22 September.

This one-day gathering of experts in disruptive manufacturing techologies, provides a platform to discuss the strategic challenges in identifying and adopting the most effective methods and techniques for producing pharmaceutical active ingredients, advanced formulations and finished dose forms.

Engaging the widest possible network from pharma innovators, regulators, supply chain partners, equipment & technology providers, academia, and industry associations, PharmaTech Integrates will form a connected industry ecosystem for collaboration and innovation that will transform the production of pharmaceuticals.

This year’s event is centred around the core themes of: Making and Taking, Fit for the Future and Digital Outcomes, with sessions exploring the challenges and opportunities pharmaceutical technology and digital tools offer.


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