10 Aug 2022

Developing your value proposition for Health & Social Care

About This Event


This practical workshop will enable you to make a value proposition that resonates with your customers.

A well-constructed value proposition is one of the most important tools for any Innovator or SME. It allows you to effectively communicate and evidence the value or benefit of your company in a language the health and social care system will understand.

Developing a value proposition that is focused on Health & Social Care is fundamental for success of any innovation or transformation.

Join Dr. Alastair Kirby from the KSS AHSN industry team in a bite-sized workshop to help innovators and SMEs develop and deconstruct their value proposition for Health & Social Care. By the end of this interactive works each innovator will have the understanding to create their own Value proposition for Health & Social Care, by focusing on the essential aspects of a NHS value proposition:

  • Fundamentals of value proposition, identifying and understanding your customers.
  • What does an evidence-based value proposition really mean?
  • Using a value proposition show your impact.


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