16 Oct 2018

Energy manager Rachael sets £2,500 fundraising target for her first London marathon

Rachael Osborne, Discovery Park’s Energy Manager, is looking forward to running miles better over the coming months as she builds up to taking part in next year’s London Marathon.

The 26-year old from Broadstairs in Kent is leaving nothing to chance with her training already underway to put her in the perfect shape to conquer the famous 26.2 mile course, as well as fundraising for a fantastic cause.

Rachael lost her grandfather to Motor Neurone Disease and her memories of him will be driving her on through the Winter months with a determination to raise awareness and funds for the work of a charity close to her heart.

MND is a delibating condition that leads to the deterioration of the motor system, which causes sufferers to struggle with mobility and speech. The disease also significantly reduces life expectancy and many people pass away within a few years.

Rachael’s grandfather, Brian, was diagnosed with MND in October 2016. He sadly lost his battle nine months later, only a week after proudly walking Rachael down the aisle at her wedding.

In honour of her grandfather, Rachael is aiming to raise as much money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association as possible. She is hoping to reach her goal of £2,500 through sponsorship, a live music night and charity raffles.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association helped provide counselling and support both to Brian and to their whole family throughout the difficult time following diagnosis. The charity also adapts houses, provides communication devices and specialist chairs to aid movement and speech.

Rachael said of her marathon plans: “This is my first marathon and I’m not sporty at all, so it will take a lot of work to get me ready for April. I’m looking forward to running the marathon itself, as I know the adrenaline, atmosphere and support will keep me going.

“The training throughout winter will be the gruelling part, but while it won’t be easy I knew that I wanted to do something challenging in memory of my grandfather.”

Kimberley Anderson, CSR and Community Manager, Discovery Park, said:

“Discovery Park and the Team are very proud of Rachael. We have watched as she passionately raises funds to support the Motor Neurone Disease with her grandad always in her mind.”

“To run the marathon is a challenge for most. Rachael is determined to succeed and understands first hand that the daily challenges for those suffering from MND and their loved ones can be overwhelming. Help is available and support is vital.

“Rachael is certainly inspiring us at Discovery Park to help this cause.”

To find out more about Rachael’s story  visit her Just Giving page.

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