09 May 2022

Discovery Park Ventures

Discovery Park Ventures invests in ambitious and growing life sciences companies,  driving disruptive innovation and catalysing economic growth.

Investing on behalf of private individuals, the £1m fund supports exciting early-stage companies at start-up or to help them leverage non-dilutive funding, and has plans to expand to up to £25m in the next three years.

The fund invests in novel and disruptive technologies, usually related to Discovery Park’s areas of focus, such as advanced manufacturing, digital and AI, cell and gene therapies, synthetic biology and neurology (including ophthalmology). Investee companies will have a strong collaborative relationship with Discovery Park or may be a tenant.

‘We’re looking forward to investing in many innovative companies in the UK as the fund grows, helping to develop healthcare innovations and drive economic growth.’

Mayer Schreiber, Chairman of Discovery Park Ventures

Mayer Schreiber is CEO of Discovery Park and has a strong track record in property and business investment strategies with demonstrated success in growing and transforming companies. He is also an Investment Manager at Midos Group, a privately owned property investment group of companies, investing in all property sectors across the regions.

Emma Palmer Foster, Director of Discovery Park Ventures

Emma Palmer Foster has analysed and advised dozens of life science companies over her >25 year career. Following an MA in biochemistry, she worked in healthcare investment banking, technology transfer, financial communications and journalism. Emma now advises organisations on life sciences strategy and communications, working across academia, the public sector and industry (particularly with start-ups). She also has an MBA and chairs one of the NIHR’s i4i Funding Committees.

Dr Martino Picardo, Director of Discovery Park Ventures

Dr Martino Picardo is highly experienced in taking companies through their early stages of development. Following a biochemistry PhD and several years in R&D technology transfer at GE Healthcare, he was CEO at the University of Manchester incubator. Martino was the inaugural CEO of Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst, which is now a leading biotech hub and advanced therapies centre. He has chaired several biotechnology companies and is currently Chairman of Vitarka Therapeutics and Evidential, and on the Board of BioNow.



Vitarka Therapeutics

For more information on Discovery Park Ventures please contact Emma Palmer Foster at emma.palmerfoster@discovery-park.co.uk or Martino Picardo martino.picardo@discovery-park.co.uk

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