Dehns 28 June, 2017

Discovery Park’s reputation as an innovation hub attracted one of Europe’s largest patent and trade mark attorneys to open an office on-site.

Dehns has grown to become one of the UK’s top intellectual property law firms since it was founded in 1920, with seven offices across Europe.

It is based within Discovery Park House, currently the main space on site for scientific research. The company offers support to start ups, small businesses and university spin-outs, all of which are present at the site.

Phillip Price, a patent attorney in Dehns’ biotech and life science group, said

“We turn our clients’ ideas, inventions and brands into patents, trademarks and registered designs.

“With the right advice, these can become highly valuable commercial assets.

“We were impressed by the high level of innovation taking place at Discovery Park, as well as the strong professional networking groups serving Kent, such as BioGateway.

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