16 May 2022

Aspen Waite – Evolution or Revolution, Vinyl is changing

Evolution or Revolution, Vinyl is changing

Aspen Waite South East is proud to have supported their client – ‘Evolution Music’ over the last two years with their first Research and Development Programme which has now culminated in the soft launch of a first Historic and Revolutionary Product for the Music industry.

Evolution Music Ltd

Evolution Music, is on a mission to bring the music products of the future to the present, starting with their inaugural product announcement… ‘the World’s first bioplastic LP’ is to be made public during Music Declares Emergency’s (MDE) Turn Up The Volume campaign for Earth Day ‘22.


The company currently acts as an independent venture, solely focused on 21st century solutions to the significant problems that the music industry faces. Evolution Music now operates with a solutions mindset with the goal of developing unique products and production methods that are net zero carbon and net zero waste.

The company will officially launch their industry disrupting bioplastic LP this Summer, with the support of key music industry partners, which will coincide with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to raise resources for the next steps in their future-focused R&D plan.

The launch is the crescendo of two years of research and development by a dedicated team of music and sustainability experts, working alongside a variety of collaborators.

Evolution Music’s work builds on the work of Kyle Devine (Professor of Musicology at the University of Oslo), who’s book Decomposed (MIT Press, 2019) exposes the massive and growing environmental and social impacts of all forms of music consumption, including the PVC supply chain that creates our much-loved LPs.

EM’s bioplastic LP ‘makes music better’ and offers a more sustainable, lower impact solution to the toxic impacts of producing PVC vinyl – without compromising sound quality. Initial tests by National Physical Laboratory showed this new formula provided the same quality listening experience, with improved anti-static properties.

If this is music to your ears, then you’ll also be excited to learn that Artists and Labels will be able to place orders very soon! This new product is specifically designed to be manufactured using existing industry standard pressing machines.

Evolution Music’s collaborators include Rob Cass (Cave Productions), Key Production, Ninja Tune, Gearbox Records, Beggars Group, LEVEL, MDE and the AIM Climate Action Group. The project has also been supported by pressing plants – the Vinyl Factory and Diamond Black in the UK, and most recently GZ Media – the world’s largest record manufacturing company.

Formed in 2018 by a group of friends who were passionate about music and sustainability, the EM team’s mission was to make music perform for people and the planet. The company has been funded primarily by the founders and friendly investors that support its mission, with some R&D and innovation grant funding received from HMRC and Innovate UK.

The Acting CEO of Evolution Music said ‘We see this product as the first in a new wave of solutions that will help to address some of the most important issues of our time. Having support and advocacy from leaders in the music industry, particularly those at the forefront tackling environmental and social issues, proves there’s a serious demand to move things forward, to turn around the huge impacts of the music industry, and quickly.

Peter Quicke of Ninja Tunes and the AIM Climate Action Group said “Vinyl is such an important part of our experience of music, it’s brilliant (and a relief to be honest)! that we now have is a non-toxic and sustainable solution to pressing records”.

Fay Milton of Music Declares Emergency said “Artists will be extremely keen to use Evolution Music’s bioplastic for their physical products. Why use fossil fuel-based products when you can now simply choose not to? It feels like the Evolution Music team have just created a quiet revolution.”

Professor Kyle Devine “What Evolution Music has achieved – is a major step toward a sustainable future for music.”

To learn more, sign up for updates on Evolution Music’s release of the bioplastic LP www.evolution-music.co.uk / info@evolution-music.co.uk

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