Prizes for Your simPal mascot design winner 20 July, 2017

The young winner of a competition to select a new mascot for an innovative cancer support service based at Discovery Park, had the perfect end of term present to begin the summer holidays with her classmates at Sandwich Junior School joining in the fun.

Louise Crean wowed judges of a social media led competition held earlier this year, which resulted in her colourful tortoise design being selected as the new mascot for Your simPal, the charity service which keeps people living with cancer and their families connected.

Her reward for winning was a Smartphone and her own toy version of the Your simPal mascot created by neighbouring Discovery Park tenant, Custom Toys UK.

Louise Crean (centre) with representatives from Discovery Park, Custom Toys UK and Your simPal

Your simPal, Custom Toys UK and Discovery Park visited Sandwich Junior School on Friday, 14 July to present Louise with her mascot, which had literally travelled the world to be with her.

Your simPal keeps those living with cancer connected with families and friends during difficult times. Offering pre-paid SIM cards and mobiles, if required, and providing the ability to communicate with loved ones at time of need.

In her entry, Louise gave the following as her reasons for selecting a tortoise as her inspiration;

“I think it was a good opportunity for children in Kent to support Your simPal, and I feel so honoured to be the winner because now I know my mascot will help children all over the country.

“I chose the tortoise because these animals are slow moving and I felt it gave the message of slow and steady wins the race against illness eventually.

“I incorporated the words because I wanted the mascot to be meaningful and to be more than just a toy.  When I saw the proto-type of my design, it was crazy; it went beyond my expectations, especially when I saw the zip and the Velcro words! I loved the colours, especially the turquoise as this colour represents communication.”

Blair Papworth, Founder of Your simPal said: “We were overwhelmed with the amount of entries we received for our Mascot competition. In my opinion everybody is a winner, however Louise’s design showed an overall understanding of our charity, and most importantly her design has now been brought to life and will support hundreds of families across the UK whom are living with cancer.“

“Louise’s design showed an overall understanding of our charity.”

Jean-Francois Chodecki, Managing Director of Custom Toys UK, based at Discovery Park, said: “We were delighted to create the tortoise mascot from Louise’s drawing.

“We are proud to have brought Louise’s character to life for such a worthy cause and to have donated the first edition of the soft toy to Louise, the most thoughtful young person I have ever met.”

Sheliagh Roberts, Head of Sandwich Junior School said: “Caring for and helping others is important to us at Sandwich Junior School, we refer to ourselves as the Wolf Pack, a team, but that ethos goes beyond the school gates to the larger community we are a part of.

“We get asked to participate in many competitions, but Your simPal’s was special – it was inviting our pupils to inform a design for a mascot which will help other children who may be having a challenging time.

“As Head Teacher I was delighted that so many pupils entered the competition, but I was utterly thrilled when Louise won. Her design was smart and the depth of thinking that went into it was evident.”

“The whole school – pupils and adults alike – gasped with joy when Jean-Francois unveiled the proto-type. Such a special project with a magical outcome – Well done all!”

Kimberley Anderson, Discovery Park Corporate Relations Manager, said:

“Discovery Park is honored and humbled to support this project, we look forward to being involved going forward – all part of the Wolf Pack!”