Discovery Park Team

The people delivering the next chapter of success for Discovery Park.

Mayer Schreiber
Mayer Schreiber Chief Executive Officer
Dr Martino Picardo
Dr Martino Picardo Chairman
Amanda Lennon
Amanda Lennon Head of Strategy and Innovation
Geoffrey Dobson
Geoffrey Dobson Head of Property
Graham Howieson
Graham Howieson Head of Business Development
Sarah Carroll
Sarah Carroll Head of HR and Development
Paul Bax
Paul Bax Head of Engineering
Jon Fowler
Jon Fowler Head of Utilities
Vicky Seeley
Vicky Seeley Head of Services
Toby Hunter
Toby Hunter Senior Consultant
Lauren Moore
Lauren Moore Investment Team
Renata Harmadyova
Renata Harmadyova Investment Team
Scarlett Atkins
Scarlett Atkins Conference & Events Manager
Kimberley Anderson
Kimberley Anderson CSR & Community Manager
Alison Davies
Alison Davies Buildings Manager (Innovation House & Gateway)
Matt Sweetman
Matt Sweetman Building Manager (Discovery Park House)
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