Mylan 28 June, 2017

Mylan produces drugs and treatment in approximately 145 countries and territories, providing access to seven billion people around the world to the high quality medicines they need.

The pharmaceutical giant offers a wide range of antiretrovirals used in treatments for HIV/Aids in the developing world and is ranked number four in the UK generic prescription market.

It also develops and manufactures speciality treatments to help patients and physicians manage respiratory diseases, severe allergic reactions and psychiatric disorders.

Mylan chose Discovery Park as a base for its Respiratory Centre of Excellence, with its laboratories and office space providing customers around the world with greater access to medicines they need.

David Waite, Vice President at Mylan Pharma UK said: “We have been tenants on the Park since its inception. It’s been great to see the Park grow so quickly and be so supportive of the Mylan success story in Sandwich.”

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