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Raw Materials Supply Manager 10 August, 2017

The Position

  • The Raw Materials Supply Manager is responsible for the supervision and co-ordinating of hardwood, softwood, sawmill chips and IEDx fuel supply and purchasing, into the CHP plant at Discovery Park, Sandwich
  • The manager is the primary link between Euroforest Ltd, (KREPL) through an integrated contracting and haulage network
  • The given weekly supply targets are set by KREPL in accordance with the contract, and this is to be achieved working as part of a wider team of managers and support staff, in a safe environment, whilst meeting specific financial goals laid out in the annual budget, agreed with senior management

The Responsibilities

  • The Raw Materials Supply Manager’s main responsibility is to source supplies of fuelwood from clients and woodland owners, communicating and co-ordinating with fellow managers and AW Jenkinson managers along with the administrative and contractor based teams to accomplish a steady and consistent flow of fuel into the plant
  • The approximate time profile allocated to these activities might be: Clients and timber sourcing 45%; Site management 35%; Administration 15% and Estover Ltd 5%

Supporting Actions

  • Wood Fuel Supply. To manage the wood fuel supply in compliance with all the contract conditions. To ensure wood fuel quantity, quality and in the required blend of fuels. To develop potential alternative fuel supply options
  • Health & Safety. To understand the framework of the OHSAS 18001 System and to ensure that all personnel comply with the requirements of the system at all times. To display a good working knowledge of the HSE responsibilities and statutory requirements, appertaining to industrial processing plants. Dealing with operator certification, and meeting the current industry standards when working with power lines or haulage. To demonstrate a good working knowledge of the above and regularly monitor their application on site. Working with the company to raise overall standards of health & safety across the sector
  • Environmental Management. To understand the framework of the ISO 14001 System and to ensure that all personnel comply with the requirements of the system at all times. To demonstrate a good working knowledge of the relevant aspects of environmental statutory regulations and monitor their application at the plant or in visits to the yard
  • Information Technology (IT) Systems. Devise and implement the use of systems to monitor and manage deliveries and stock levels at both the plant and the outside yard. Facilitate management through the use of data inputting and the management reports. Regularly reading and interpreting these documents understanding how to cross reference the different data supplied. Managers must be able to create and communicate other reports, letters and notices using e-mail, Word and Excel programmes
  • Felling Permissions and Certification. The manager is responsible for monitoring the certified status of fuel wood supplies. They must understand the licence system and Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification and FSC Chain of Custody Certification. Monitoring and recording these procedures is essential
  • Contracted services. The manager must be able to engage the services of contractors for any aspect of site work deemed appropriate, setting rates and be able to introduce and discuss the company safety standards and contract procedures relevant to the task using FISA or other industry guidelines
  • Plant & Yard Site Management. Working between sites the manager must daily monitor progress of deliveries and stock movement between the Plant and the Offsite Yard. i) Supervise the staff and operations at the offsite yard ii) Evaluate the quality, quantity and moisture content of the timber stored against the plant requirements; maintaining comprehensive records of all relevant data, and produce detailed reports as required iii) Supervise roundwood stacking in the plant, in order to maximise stockholding capacity iv) Ensure full compliance with all relevant health & safety, environmental & sustainability legislation relating to the work taking place v) work to reduce the incidence of overloading by vehicles delivering to the yard or plant
  • Timber Measurement & Valuation. A sound understanding and practice of the principles of timber and stockyard stacked timber volume measurement. Use and analyse the data produced from sampling procedures for moisture content, whilst regularly checking these procedures
  • Timber Purchase. Liaise closely with the Euroforest Area Managers on planned supply, with particular reference to site-specific pricing. Together with these managers maximising the potential to supply wood fuel. Using strategic pricing on certain harvesting sites, helping them to develop new suppliers, agreeing contingency stock provisions & supporting new equipment purchase
  • Other Timber Markets. To show a good working knowledge of the location of the timber processing markets that are in the area of operations, other local and national markets competing for similar material, as well as the product specifications required by those markets. Familiar with the economic factors driving those markets

End Results

  • The Raw Materials Supply Manager must work to maximise a financial return to the Company within the budgeted parameters
  • A well-managed, productive, environmentally secure, and personally safe site. Delivering to KREPL, within their constraints, value for money and consistently high standard of management information
  • To provide a high-quality service to KREPL, including timely deliveries of material within the agreed specification and quantity
  • The manager measures these by monitoring, check lists and internal and external auditing of systems and sites. The manager must maintain comprehensive records of all relevant data, and produce detailed reports as required

Decision Making

  • The Raw Materials Supply Manager must take responsibility for influencing the direction and development of the business. These decisions affect the commercial impact and quality of the business; they affect its sustainability too. The manager is responsible for supporting and developing the infrastructure in co-operation with the Area managers. i.e. suppliers, contractors and hauliers on which the business depends
  • The manager is responsible for communicating with the support staff who work with them. The manager must oversee the professional development of all the staff in the stockyard team. As part of a wider team the manager has responsibilities to work with and involve area managers in decisions that are likely to impact on their areas


  • The Raw Materials Supply Manager is accountable to the General Manager and in turn to the Deputy Managing Director. Through regular informal conversations, email, meetings and a planned (twice yearly) formal review procedure, the manager must discuss with and inform directors of strategies to meet agreed financial & supply goals, health and safety and personal development targets. All non-timber financial transactions excluding daily costs like fuel must be approved by the regional director
  • The manager is expected to attend and input into Company and regional staff meetings. The manager is expected to divide his hours of work between the plant at Discovery Park, Sandwich, Kent and the designated office and offsite holding yard
  • The manager must be familiar with their position in the Company structure and maintain good regular contact and communication with the directors, managers and staff around them


  • The Raw Materials Supply Manager, apart from exercising the aforementioned skills must seek every opportunity to update skills and receive training where obligatory i.e. First Aid, defensive driving. In order to perform the job competently it is essential to keep refreshing IT, systems and health & safety skills, so the manager should prioritise company provided training opportunities. The manager can seek improvement in personal skills, training and education where it is deemed beneficial to the Company or to develop a fresh area of business
  • The manager must demonstrate an ability to communicate and work with all members of staff effectively, to build a cohesive team capable of delivering the Company objectives. Opportunity must be sought to up-skill team members to improve the quality and efficiency of delivery, and to motivate and develop each individual
  • The manager should be identifying and sourcing coaching and training needs for staff members to keep up with legal requirements and to provide a more professional and quality service for clients
  • Skill development can be requested at any time but will be discussed at reviews

Other Information

  • The manager will be provided with appropriate IT and communication equipment
  • The manager will be provided with a company vehicle
  • The manager is expected to read and inform themselves of relevant industry news and information through subscription magazines, internet or other media
  • The manager is encouraged to belong to industry related professional bodies or organisations to promote the Company, develop contacts, inform and influence

Euroforest Ltd is the largest independent timber harvesting & marketing company in the UK, trading in excess of 2 million m³ of timber per annum.

We are looking to appoint a full-time Raw Materials Supply Manager to commission, run and develop the 200 – 240,000 tpa wood fuel supply into Kent Renewable Energy Ltd CHP plant at Discovery Park, Sandwich, Kent. This is an opportunity for an ambitious individual to take a position with a leading company in the forest products industry.

We will provide you with all the support and personal development required to make a success of this position. Suitable candidates will have relevant academic qualifications and/or associated experience with bulk materials procurement and trading.

The wood fuel specification requires knowledge and ability to grasp an understanding of all wood fuel properties. With a handling logistics background, you might also include a knowledge of wood moisture content, calorific values, chemical composition, species and chipping.

The ideal candidate should be highly motivated, able to demonstrate strong commercial awareness and excellent interpersonal, supervisory and management skills. You should be fully conversant with the required level of IT skill, and be able to manage and develop complex spreadsheet analysis.

You must demonstrate that you can bring a high level of professionalism to the position. This challenging role offers an attractive salary, company car and other benefits, with the opportunity to grow and develop in a new and exciting renewable energy project. UK or equivalent Driving Licence.

For further information, including an Application Form, please contact: by 15th September 2017

Please e-mail your Application Form, together with a CV, or post to:

Euroforest Limited, Unit 5, The Old Crossroads, Station Road, Verwood, Dorset. BH31 7PU

Closing date: 22nd September 2017

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