How are You? Free health assessment for all tenants. 26 March, 2018

Discovery Park, in partnership with One You Kent, are providing a completely FREE Health and Assessment Day at Discovery Park on Tuesday 3rd April from 9am-5pm at the Visitor’s Centre carpark.

As a tenant of Discovery Park, you are important to us and we would like to work with you for better health and wellbeing in our workplace. We would like to invite you to take place in the health check, to speak to the One You Kent team and get instant results on your health.

There are two checks available:

  • NHS Health Check (30 minutes) *
  • Health MOT (10 minutes)
  • *Eligibility applies to the NHS Health Check, please see attached document which will show you the requirements. If you are not eligible for this, you will be able to have a Health MOT.

You can also ‘walk in’ as well as book an appointment, but please note that booked appointments will take priority.

These health checks can take as little as five minutes, enabling you to self-test key indicators of your general health and wellbeing, and walk away with an anonymous printout of your results, with a comparison to medical accepted standards.

These health checks are effective as an early warning for potential health problems such as high blood pressure.

The link to book your appointment is:

We look forward to seeing you there!