‘Earth, Sea and Sky’ Book Launches at Discovery Park 5 October, 2017

Discovery Park welcomed a local study group to site to launch a new book ‘Earth, Sea and Sky, that reveals the impact global warming and other environmental issues is having on Sandwich and the surrounding area.

The authors are hoping their comprehensive study will help to stimulate people’s active interest in their local environment and act as a catalyst in getting local projects up and running.

Author, Stephen Fuller said: “Dover District Council originally asked me to work on this project for Sandwich, following a similar study I had completed in the area of Walmer. I set up a group here, with Richard Ralph as chairman, and contributing volunteers from Sandwich, Ash, Woodnesborough and Worth Environment Group.

“It has been such an interesting study, as the area of Sandwich and beyond is of international importance in terms of its environment. Many environment studies point out problems such as global warming, pollution or loss of diversity, and then exhort government and individuals to take action. Our study is different in that we suggest local authorities, community groups and school projects can take responsibility to address the problems identified.

“Our aphorism is ‘Think globally, Act locally’. For example, you can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions locally through a tree planting programme, rather than just relying on abstract ideas of saving the Amazon rainforest!”.

Kimberley Anderson, Corporate Services Manager, said: “This book will be of interest to the residents living around Discovery Park as it is largely about their local area and history. It’s important to address environmental issues whether it is local road traffic problems or global warming.

“We were pleased to host the launch here at Discovery Park as sustainability is at the heart of our ethos. We are also keen to support local causes wherever possible, so this was a combination of both.”

The study is in A4 portrait format, comprising 150 pp. It includes over 30 specially prepared maps, over 20 charts and tables and 150 photos. The cost of a book is £12 for softback and £25 for hardback.