Chinese business delegation visits Discovery Park 22 June, 2017

A delegation of leading businesses from one of China’s fastest growing centres for science and technology visited Discovery Park today (22/6) to make connections, exchange ideas and explore future bi-lateral trading opportunities.

The City of Zibo in Shandong Province hosts strong clusters of businesses grouped in large business parks within the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices sectors.

The trade delegation spent much of the day at Discovery Park, starting with an introduction from Mayer Schrieber, director and shareholder in the consortium that now owns the flagship science park in Sandwich, Kent.

A delegation of leading businesses from one of China’s fastest growing centres for science and technology has visited Discovery Park, Sandwich, Kent

They also met with Julian Thompson, the new site-head of Pfizer, Sandwich; Naz Bashir, CEO of bio-tech AlgaeCytes and Steve Trim, MD of drug discovery company, Venomtech.

A tour of the site took in the main science facilities on site, including Building 500 and Discovery Park House, where work has begun on adding 50,000 sq ft of new laboratory space as part of a multi-million investment programme.

Richard Parsons, CEO of Maidstone based Worldwide Foreign Direct Investment and Trade organised the visit, which formed part of a broader awareness programme aimed at building future partnerships.He said:

“The City of Zibo is an outstanding example of Chinese growth and their continued potential in the field of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotechnology is enormous.

“It was an easy decision to bring the delegation to Discovery Park, which remains Kent’s flagship and foremost science park and where the Chinese delegation were able to observe a world class facility, first hand.”

Lauren Moore, Leasing Executive, Discovery Park, said: “We were delighted to be able to welcome businesses from Zibo to Discovery Park and showcase our unique collaborative environment that inspires the amazing science taking place here.

“Visits like this are a great opportunity, not only for potential future investment, but to make new connections and exchange ideas. It’s helped to make this site the success it is today.”