Centauri welcomes call for action to boost investment in fight against antibiotic resistance 29 January, 2018

A report released at this month’s World Economic Forum in Davos recommended governments implement new measures to stimulate investment in antibacterial research and combat the rising threat of drug-resistant bacteria.

DRIVE-AB, (Driving Re-investment in research and development for antibiotics and advocating their responsible use) is a consortium of pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and public health organisations.

The consortium has concluded that a market entry reward of $1 billion per antibiotic globally could significantly increase the number of new antibiotics coming to the market in the next 30 years.

It’s music to the ears of Mike Westby, CEO of Centauri Therapeutics, a leading UK bio-tech developing novel immunotherapeutics focused on the treatment of infectious diseases and cancer. It is one of Kent’s science success stories, located at Discovery Park, Kent.

“The DRIVE-AB report is an incredibly important document as it provides a way of de-linking a return on investment from antibiotic sales. This is critical for incentivising the Pharmaceutical Industry to re-invest in novel antibiotic R&D.

“Centauri welcomes the report’s publication and its recommendations. If we don’t act soon then we risk returning to a time when routine medical procedures (from hip replacements, to elective births and most cancer treatments) result in significant morbidity and mortality caused by untreatable acquired infections.”

Bacterial infections are responsible for the deaths of 700,000 people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Many of these infections are resistant to existing antibiotics.

Read the full story on Centauri Therapeutics’ website and discover more on their work on antibacterial research.

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