A CAT Success Story: Unigestion – London 21 December, 2017

Discovery Park tenant, CAT Project Solutions, is a UK-wide provider of IT infrastructure cabling and office relocation services with over 35 years’ experience in move planning and management.

The company was recently commissioned by Unigestion in London for a project to oversee a major office rearrangement.

The client needed to increase the number of work stations within their London offices. Their requirement was to decamp the users, increase the infrastructure and re-instate the business as quickly as possible. CAT were required to work in tandem with contractors who were replacing the furniture and laying new carpeting.

The problem for Unigestion was that current staff were occupying bespoke desks that were large and fixed in place – therefore, the desks were preventing further expansion. The offices were fitted with a broadloom carpet cut around the bespoke desks, and the power and infrastructure services were hidden from view beneath this fitted carpet.

CAT provided packing crates for the users, decommissioned the IT hardware from the desks, engaged the furniture contractor to dismantle and dispose of the current furniture and arranged for a flooring partner to lift and remove the carpet.

With the floor exposed, CAT were able to relocate floor tiles and services where possible, replace where necessary and install shallow floor boxes to align with new furniture positions.

CAT installed extra cabling and power to the new floor boxes, which had been labelled and tested.

Following the laying of new carpeting and the installation of new furniture, CAT fitted monitor arms to the desks, re-instated the IT equipment, provided desk power and data units and zip cable management to the floor.

CAT re-patched the equipment, tested and supported the users on the Monday morning for minor amendments such as adjusting monitor heights.

Russell Bearman, MD of CAT Project Solutions, said: “We were delighted to be able to step in and support Unigestion with their office move planning and management.

“We worked closely with Unigestion to identify the staff’s current and future positions. We also needed to establish move timings for the project, which we likened to a game of chess as every piece of equipment needed to be planned in advance!

“We minimised the disruptive effect on staff returning to work at their new desk positions on the Monday. As well as ensuring a tidy and clean workplace, we paid attention to the smaller details including mouse and phone positioning. We were then on hand to ensure the staff were happy with their new system.”

CAT’s Unigestion’s Facilities Manager, said: “We want to say a big thank you again to CAT Projects Solution for their support with this project. The whole process was smooth. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

To find out more, visit the CAT Projects Solution website: http://www.cat-psl.com/